Trafford Town Hall

Trafford Cycle Forum – May 2016

I’ve just had the details through for the next Trafford Cycle Forum. As the website hasn’t updated yet, here’s the agenda.

18th May 2016 – Thomas De Trafford Conference Room A & B – Trafford Town Hall – 1st Floor 



  1. 6:00 Welcome and introductions
  2. 6:05 Outstanding Actions and Minutes from last meeting
  3. 6:10 Trans Pennine Trail (Inc’ Flooding) – Paul Farrand / Bob Sweet
  4. 6.25 Cycle Parking in Old Trafford – Steve Tilby / Liz Madge
  5. 6.35 Technical Meetings Update and dates for next meeting – Steve Tilby
  6. 6.45 Altrincham Cycle Bridge Link Scheme
  7. 6.55 Major Scheme Update – Steve Tilby
    To Include:- A6144 Carrington Spur to Flixton Road/Partington
  8. 7.10 TfGM Vision 2040 – Update Dominic Smith
  9. 7.20 Forum Terms of Reference
  10. 7.30 Dates of next meetings and items for discussion at future meetings
  11. 7:35 Any other business by prior notification to the Chair or Secretary
    • Parking in cycle lane Moss Rd Altrincham – Ian Stuart
    • Pomona Strand – Jonathan Keenan
    • Cycling on pavement – Park Rd Timperley – Judie Collins
    • Low use of Cycle Hubs – Marketing – Judie Collins
    • Meeting with Canals & River Trust – Update

Minutes and associated documents for the May 2016 Trafford Cycle Forum can be found at the following links:

I wasn’t able to attend the cycle forum in November myself as I had other plans that evening.

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