Manchester Kidical Mass – May 2016

This was the first Kidical Mass we’ve been to, and I believe it’s the first since the Fallowfield Loop has been trialling opening the barriers. Though on previous rides, the barriers had been opened for the day.

We were joining the ride from Stretford, so we’d arranged a feeder ride, going from Trafford Town Hall, through Chorlton and onto the Fallowfield Loop, meeting the rest at Ladybarn Road in Fallowfield.

Riding through Chorlton to reach the Fallowfield Loop

There should really be a straightforward way to get from the Bridgewater Way and Trans Pennine Trail to the start of the Fallowfield Loop in Chorlton, but there isn’t. Your options are to either to go via Turn Moss, Ivy Green and Beech Road or to brave the roads through Firswood. Either route is less than ideal, particularly with kids.

Meeting the others at Ladybarn Road

There was a wide variety of kids of all ages and abilities as well as bikes of different shapes and sizes. In particular, it’s always nice to see some bakfietsen, something that wouldn’t be possible if the barriers were closed.

Arriving at Highfield Country Park

The ride went along the Fallowfield Loop from where we started at Ladybarn Road, to finish at Highfield Country Park in Levenshulme. Once there, everyone enjoyed a picnic on what was a glorious Sunday afternoon.

Enjoying a picnic

It was great to see so many people out enjoying the Fallowfield Loop, and it was particularly good having the barriers open. I think this could be a real game-changer for it, as without the barriers there, it really opens up access to many people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to use it. Let’s keep the barriers open permanently!

If like me, you think the barriers on the Fallowfield Loop should be open permanently or have any other comments about the trial, then please email The more we can do support this trial, the more likely it will become a permanent thing.

5 thoughts on “Manchester Kidical Mass – May 2016

      1. Great I will bring along my niece and nephew then. Its was a lovely day no rain for once.You look so dutch with your kids riding side by side.Especially when you hold they shoulder. Parent do that a lot in Netherlands .So sweet dads army

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