Plenty of bikes parked up at the seafront in Noordwijk

Netherlands 22: The route to Katwijk and Noordwijk

After another day of hanging round the rides and pool at Duinrell, I was keen to get out for another ride. This time, I decided to head north, initially to Katwijk and then on to Noordwijk. In terms of distance, Katwijk is about a 9 km cycle ride from Duinrell, and Noordwijk another 6 km.

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Netherlands 16: The route to Katwijk aan Zee

This year marks the sixth time we’ve visited Duinrell. We spent the second week of our holiday here, after spending the first week in Vlissingen. Given the number of times we’ve been, it’s surprising that we’ve never been to Katwijk before. We decided to remedy this with a ride there on quite a sunny day.

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