Netherlands 18: The route to Wassenaarse Slag

No trip to Duinrell would be complete without a visit or two to Wassenaarse Slag, the closest beach to the holiday park. The beach is just a short 5km away from Duinrell, and the sand goes on for miles.

While it can be a bit windy at the times, the beach never feels too busy, even on the sunniest days. There’s plenty of good bars and restaurants too, though it doesn’t feel particularly built up.

Riding through the dunes on the dedicated walking and cycling route

The route to Wassenaarse Slag is across the dunes, with a dedicated paths for walking and cycling, away from traffic. Now, I’ve covered the route to Wassenaarse Slag back in 2017, so I won’t repeat myself here. Though I thought videos of the route warranted a new post.

Busy cycle parking at Wassenaarse Slag

So if you’re staying at Duinrell and you get some nice weather (not always guaranteed), make sure you get yourself down to Wassenaarse Slag. Though walk or ride rather than take the car. If you don’t have any bikes with you, they’re easy to hire at Duinrell.

Read more about the route to Wassenaarse Slag.

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