Save Turn Moss – Lobby of Trafford Council meeting

There was another fantastic turnout for tonight’s lobbying of the Trafford Council meeting to say hands off Gary Neville and Sean Anstee. We don’t want you to spoiling our public green space with your private pitches, floodlights and even more traffic. 

If you want to know more about Gary Neville and Sean Anstee’s plans to use Trafford council tax payer’s money to build private training facilities for Salford City FC on public greenbelt land, then read this post.

Stretford needs a town centre, not football pitches

The deadline for objections is 1 March 2018, if you want to object, you can find out more on the Save Turn Moss site or in the Friends of Turn Moss Facebook group. The planning application can be found on Trafford Council’s planning site.

It’s great to see local and national press has picked up on the campaign against Trafford Council’s plans for Turn Moss. There’s been articles in the Manchester Evening News, the MessengerThe Guardian and The Times (paywall). While most of the focus is on Gary Neville, I think the real focus should be on Sean Anstee and his mates at Trafford Council.

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