Trafford Town Hall

Trafford Cycle Forum – September 2015

I’ve just had the details through for the next Trafford Cycle Forum. As the website hasn’t updated yet, here’s the agenda.

23rd September 2015 – Thomas De Trafford Conference Room A & B – Trafford Town Hall – 1st Floor 


  1. 6:00 Welcome and introductions
  2. 6:05 Outstanding Actions and Minutes from last meeting
  3. 6:15 Cycling events in the borough – Judie Collins
  4. 6.30 Cyclists on the Bridgewater Canal
  5. 6.40 Trans Penine Trail
  6. 6.50 Major Scheme Update – Steve Tilby
  7. 7.05 Future forum Arrangements / Forum Governance
  8. 7.25 Trafford’s Webpage
  9. 7.35 Technical meetings
  10. 7.45 Dates of next meetings and items for discussion at future meetings Wednesday 18th November
  11. 7:50 Any other business by prior notification to the Chair or Secretary

Minutes for the September 2015 Trafford Cycle Forum can be found at the following link:

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