Cycling in Cambridge and what Manchester could learn

It can be difficult to look at where cycling in Manchester is right now, and compare it to the best best cycling cities of the world, without being overwhelmed by the amount of change needed.

But watching this Streetfilms video about cycling in Cambridge and having experienced it myself, it’s easier to see the kinds of changes that could be made in Manchester that’d improve and encourage cycling right away.

In particular, it’s interesting to compare Cambridge’s approach to bike access to the city centre with Manchester. In Cambridge, access to vehicles is restricted to buses, taxis and those who need access, such as for deliveries. Leaving the streets cleaner, safer and more pleasant for those on bikes or walking.

In Manchester, the city centre is becoming less accessible to bikes as buses and trams take over. There’s also much fewer examples of filtered permeability in Manchester, which could go a long way to reducing the number of rat runs and providing quieter streets for everyone.

It does seem to present a slightly rosier picture than what I saw, but it’s still very encouraging. Particularly the number of women and children riding, the type of bikes being ridden and the lack of Lycra.

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