Stretford public realm final drawings

I’ve now received the final drawings for the Stretford public realm improvements, as well as the Stage 2 Road Safety Audit. In keeping with the whole consultation, these have only become available after work has already started and don’t appear to have been published anywhere or shared publicly.

I’ve already written plenty about these changes and how they’re bad news for everyone except for those driving through Stretford. So I won’t repeat myself here.

If you do want to know more about the scheme and my concerns about it, you can read the following posts:


The following drawings show what’s due to be implemented by the contractors currently on site. With the detail, it’s clear to see how poor a deal they are for walking and cycling, with focus clearly being on increasing motor-traffic capacity.

Given this is one of the busiest routes into Manchester and a key junction in Trafford, cycling has been barely catered for and what has been included is just dangerous.

I hope with Andy Burnham as Greater Manchester mayor and Chris Boardman as cycling and walking commissioner, we can avoid such poorly designed and dangerous schemes being implemented in the future. I just wish they could intervene here before work is complete.


3 thoughts on “Stretford public realm final drawings

  1. You mention Chris Boardman and Andy Burnham getting involved – has this been put in motion? If these plans are detrimental to pedestrians, children and cyclists there might be time to amend them, especially if there has been insufficient consultation.


  2. So if you was to walk from stretford mall towards the metrolink I would have to cross 7 sets of crossings? Are they doing this to benefit the traffic or pedestrians?


  3. Roads to nowhere. What a poor GA drawing, more detail on the bloody manhole than there is on the facilities for pedestrians. When passing the works last week you could see where the kerb lines had moved to make the road wider, and the islands that will now be used for crossing have shrunk.

    Have they proposed any segregation to the ‘cycle lanes’ such as armadillo’s etc.? Such a wasted opportunity.


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