Netherlands 17: Around Utrecht Centraal Station

While heading to Utrecht Centraal for a day trip to Amersfoort, we had time to have a quick look around the station. Locating the cycle parking gave use the opportunity to try out the new Moreelsebrug pedestrian/cycle bridge over the back of the station.

Going up the Moreelsebrug bridge steps with the bikes, actually quite easy

The Moreelsebrug bridge only opened in December 2016, but it is already well used. It is a very impressive structure and the views from the bridge are equally impressive. If you want to know more about the bridge and its construction, I recommend reading Bicycle Dutch’s post about it. There’s some fantastic nighttime photos and videos of the bridge lit up on there.

On the Moreelsebrug bridge, very clear signage

Despite there only being access via steps and lifts, it’s actually quite easy to reach the bridge with bikes, by using the channels to guide your bike. Bikes can also be taken in the lift if you struggle using the steps or you have cargobike or similar. It’d be great if there were slopes you could ride up, but it’s clear there’s nowhere near enough space for them.

On the Moreelsebrug bridge, looking south along the tracks
On the Moreelsebrug bridge, looking north towards the station

Heading for the station cycle parking at Jaarbeursplein, we passed the construction work currently under way. A really nice touch was the planters filled with plants on the fences of the construction site. This is a really great idea and helps to brighten up the area around a construction site. I’d definitely like see this used elsewhere.

Planters full of plants on the fences of the construction site fences at Jaarbeursplein

Stopping at the steps above the cycle parking at Jaarbeursplein, you can see the ongoing construction taking place around the station. This is on a massive scale and very impressive. The last time we were at Utrecht Central back in 2012, it was looking very different.

Looking out over the construction at Jaarbeursplein, from the steps above the cycle parking

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