Trafford Town Hall

Trafford Cycle Forum – August 2016

The agenda for the next Trafford Cycle Forum has been distributed, details below.

It was requested that updates on Stretford town centre and CCAG2 schemes for Talbot Road / Stretford Road be included in AOB. As the August meeting will be focusing on the makeup and future terms of reference for the forum, it was proposed that a separate technical meeting be arranged to cover the schemes.

17th August 2016 – Thomas De Trafford Conference Room A & B – Trafford Town Hall – 1st Floor



  1. 6.00 Welcome and Introductions
  2. 6.05 Outstanding Actions and minutes from last meeting
  3. 6.15 Election of Forum Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary
  4. 6.45 Forum Terms of Reference
  5. 7.15 Dates of next meeting and items for discussion at future meetings
  6. 7.20 Any other business by prior notification of the Chair or Secretary

Meeting notes

Not much in the way of progress at the August Trafford Cycle Forum, with the focus being on the election of new chair, vice chair and secretary, and a review of the forum’s terms of reference.

Election of forum chair, vice chair and secretary

There were no expressions of interest for the roles of chair, vice chair and secretary by the original 28th July 2016 deadline. Though there were two expressions of interest following the deadline, for vice chair and co-chair.

As one of those who expressed interest wasn’t at the meeting, it was decided we wouldn’t be able to vote at this point. It was proposed that voting should happen at the next forum meeting in November 2016.

There was also some discussion around the three roles, in regards to what’s involved in fulfilling them and the skills and experience required. It was proposed that job descriptions should be distributed before the next forum meeting, providing further detail.

Forum terms of reference

I wasn’t at the previous forum in May, and I missed the situation with the drafted letter to Peel that much of the discussion revolved around. So it’s difficult for me to comment on this particular point.

Though it was suggested that maybe the desire to draft the letter was due to the lack of engagement there’s been in the forum recently. This is something I’d agree with, particularly with the Stretford Public Realm proposals.

In regards to the terms of reference. Much of what was said was around what the forum is not, specifically in terms of not being a lobbying group. There was general agreement on this, though it seemed to be emphasised more by those associated with the council.

It was pointed out that this non-lobbying aspect isn’t necessarily true of the other Greater Manchester cycle forums, with some of the forum members having first hand experience of the Manchester and Salford cycle forums.

It was proposed that the focus of the forum should be more about working with the council on the strategic vision for cycling in the borough. With the task of reviewing specific projects being taken up by the technical meetings.

The issue with this approach up to now, is that attendance of the technical meetings has been restricted. Though it was proposed that restrictions be lifted for future technical meetings, giving everyone the opportunity to attend.

Dates of next meeting and items for discussion at future meetings

The proposed date of the next forum meeting is Tuesday 15th November 2016, and there may be a technical meeting in the next few weeks.

Any other business by prior notification of the chair or secretary

No other business was covered during the meeting.

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