Trafford Town Hall

Trafford Cycle Forum – February 2016

I’ve just had the details through for the next Trafford Cycle Forum. As the website hasn’t updated yet, here’s the agenda.

10th February 2016 – Thomas De Trafford Conference Room A & B – Trafford Town Hall – 1st Floor 


  1. 6:00 Welcome and introductions
  2. 6:05 Outstanding Actions and Minutes from last meeting
  3. 6:10 Issues on the Bridgewater Way – Peter Parkinson
  4. 6.25 Sale and Altrincham Cycle Hubs /TfGM Vision 2040 – Dominic Smith – TfGM
  5. 6.40 Technical Meetings Update – Steve Tilby
  6. 6.50 Altrincham Cycle Bridge Link Scheme
  7. 7.00 Major Scheme Update – Steve Tilby
  8. 7.10 Cycle Parking in Old Trafford – Steve Tilby / Liz Madge
  9. 7.20 Bike Right – Jo Somerset
  10. 7.30 Future forum Arrangements / Forum Governance
  11. 7.45 Dates of next meetings and items for discussion at future meetings
  12. 7:50 Any other business by prior notification to the Chair or Secretary

An update re Stretford Public Realm will be circulated at the meeting

Minutes and associated documents for the February 2016 Trafford Cycle Forum can be found at the following links:


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