Netherlands 15: Around The Hague

This was our seventh trip to the Netherlands as a family, we’ve been there a number of times before kids too. Previously, we’ve stayed with friends in Amsterdam, camped in a number of the large European style campsites and Duinrell. This was our first time staying in The Hague, where we chose to spend the first five days of our trip.

We found a rather nice place through Airbnb in the heart of The Hague, a stone’s throw away from the city hall. The place also had private indoor bike parking, bonus! Given the location, we had a host of public transport options available to us. Though we were very keen to stick to the bikes where we can.

While in The Hague, we got to sample the extensive cycle infrastructure, which on the whole was excellent, but with some definite areas for improvement. Though as typical with The Netherlands, even the weaker areas are miles ahead of the UK.

With day trips to the seaside at Scheveningen, the rather excellent Madurodam miniature park and Wassenaarse Slag, we sampled both inner city, suburban and the more rural routes.

On the trip, our eldest, now six, was riding his own bike. While the youngest was on the back of mine. My other half had the FollowMe Tandem attached to hers, as it wouldn’t fit on mine. On the whole, our eldest was fine to ride his own bike, worry free. Though on the occasions we had to ride on cycle lanes on the road, the ones in the door zone, we felt a little more concerned, as some of these were actually quite busy.

Next to part 2 – The route to Wassenaarse Slag

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